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Windows Installer cleanup utility which is also known as MSICUU2 is a software that manages “install and uninstalls” on a Windows operating system.
The software is available via 3rd party websites and is no longer distributed via Microsoft.
Installing new software on a corrupted operating system may cause Windows to crash and loose all data on a PC.
It is recommended to Scan Windows with a repair tool in order to diagnose and fix all errors to enable a stable and safe PC.

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Computers have been widely used today from homes to offices. Computers are already part of human living. Everyone has their own personal computers or laptops at home. But not all are fully aware in all use of computer programs. There are chances that you will encounter some program errors like unable to uninstall programs, installation errors and a lot more.

The MSICUU2 exe is a Windows Installer Cleanup Utility process that deals with fixing problems in the event a certain program you wish to uninstall has been refused by the add or remove programs feature of your Windows control panel. You can look over your program files folder in your primary hard drive to locate msicuu2 exe. This process works normally with 32-bit and 64 bit version of Windows OS.

Not all computer users are knowledgeable of the extent use of their computers. There’s always fear to do run programs for they may did something wrong the will damage the entire Windows program. Rest assured the msicuu2 exe is not a harmful process.

Generally, the main purpose of msicuu2 exe is to delete programs on your computers that failed to be removed using the usual method provided by your Windows program. This will delete the entries connected to the particular program from the Windows Registry. This process will allow you to manually delete every occurrence of the certain program. All files that are created by using Windows Installer program are the only programs that can be deleted by this process. Hence, it is always advisable to use this option as your last resort to avoid further problems within your computer programs.

Though, you have to be careful since it can be imitated by unwanted or suspicious software that are not easily detected by anti-virus programs. In order to be assured that running this program will not provide further problems, the best recommendation is to use anti-virus software like Advance System Care, Malware bytes’ Antimalware or Spyware Terminator instead of any anti-virus in the market.

In case you want to remove the msicuu2 exe on your computer, you just have to uninstall the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility using add or remove feature that can be found on the Control Panel. If ever uninstalling this fails, you may opt to use the Task Manager process. Press and hold, Ctrl and Alt and press Delete. Look for msicuu2 exe at processes and click end process.

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WARNING! msicuu2 is no longer available via Microsoft, downloading msicuu2.exe from 3rd party sites may damage your PC! Click here for an alternative solution
Did you know msicuu2 is no longer available via Microsoft since May 2009
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